Market leading individual components tested together to create the perfect system for the right application

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The combination of our experience, product knowledge and design capabilities means you are working with tried, tested and trusted products. Our systems use individual components which have been tested together to create the perfect system for the right application. We know how effective each element to our systems can be and we’ve designed them in a way that whatever combination you choose, or the environment constraints you’re working in, Ruskin Air Mangament have the natural answer.

We have invested in making sure that a Airolution System for Natural Ventilation projects deliver high visual, sound and performance related benefits of that of conventional parts and other systems.


Given our track record in air management we would be foolish not to use our product knowledge that has built up over many years. Big names have come to trust and respect each of the elements that make up Airolution and our continued investment and innovation keeps these solutions at the top of their game.

Natural Ventilation System Ruskin Air Management
Natural Ventilation System Ruskin Air Diffusion
Natural Ventilation System Ruskin actionair
Natural Ventilation System Ruskin Naco

The knowledge of our Team of experts enable all areas of the design of the master system to be met.

Our team has been built up from new and existing Ruskin employees from each of the brands. With Actionair’s three decades of the highest quality manufacture maintaining its reputation as a market leader in the UK manufacture of fire, smoke and air control products, Air Diffusions’s practical expertise, delivery of creative air solutions that flawlessly match any application challenge and Naco’s bespoke engineered products that will match any requirement precisely in terms of function but also in style, finish and colour, allowing architects and designers to create a pleasing architectural feature as well as ventilation or screening control within the external cladding, you will be sure to have all your projects constraint’s met.

  • Natural Ventilation System Applications Engineer
  • Natural Ventilation Product Design and Development Engineer
  • Natural Ventilation System Sales Personnel
  • Natural Ventilation System Estimator
  • Natural Ventilation System Tester
  • Head of Marketing of Natural Ventilation Systems
  • Natural Ventilation Systems co-ordinator
  • Natural Ventilation Maintenance Team
  • Natural Ventilation Installation Team